Recognize. Evaluate. Advocate. Coordinate. Track.


Course Overview


This course is a training program titled REACT, which is designed to introduce, improve, and strengthen peer support skills among first responders.  The foundation of the REACT curriculum is based on the science of learning.  Specifically, REACT provides all participants with mastery experiences, which increases participant’s belief in themselves that they can provide peer support to their peers.  These mastery experiences occur by first learning about the skill, observing the skill in-action, practicing the skill, followed by feedback about their performance.  Knowledge and skills are progressively introduced to participants with each module building on the previous.  Material is presented in a manner that leverages first responder job-related principles by placing these already familiar job skills in the framework of peer support.


Course Objectives


By the end of this course, participants will be able to understand and implement principles of peer support.

  • As it relates to recognizing different stress injuries common among first responders.

  • As it relates to evaluating the presence of a stress injury in a peer.

  • As it relates to advocating for appropriate resources to be provided to a peer.

  • As it relates to coordinating higher levels of care for the peer.

  • As it relates to tracking a peer’s progress over time.


Target Audience


REACT is appropriate for first responders of varying knowledge and abilities.  REACT is designed with an emphasis on practicing skills and is appropriate for those looking to practice their skills and receive feedback. 

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