PTSD Treatment

UCF RESTORES is a treatment clinic that provides clinical services to veterans, active duty military, first responders, survivors of trauma, and community members experiencing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety-related concerns. Our team of psychologists have developed a multi-disciplinary treatment approach that utilizes technology and exposure techniques to reduce the distressing symptoms that often accompany the direct or indirect experience of a traumatic event.  


Treatment at UCF RESTORES is offered on an outpatient and intensive outpatient basis. Our 3 week intensive outpatient program (IOP) is once per month for 3 weeks, and is structured to provide trauma specific treatment for veterans, active duty military, and first responders. During treatment, cohort members will participate in individual and group sessions that target symptoms of avoidance, guilt, anger, poor sleep and social isolation.


At this time, all treatment is free for Florida residents that are active duty military, veterans, first responders, or victims of other trauma. This also includes treatment for military sexual trauma and Pulse related distress. UCF RESTORES is not in-network with any insurance panels at this time, however, community members can be seen on a sliding scale that is based on family size and income.


PTSD Family Series


UCF RESTORES understands the impact of PTSD extends farther than just one person. Instead, entire families and communities often experience the indirect effects of trauma. To provide support for those with loved ones suffering in the aftermath of a traumatic event, UCF RESTORES offers a PTSD Family Series to provide family members with education about PTSD and other stress reactions. The goal of the series is to offer greater insight into the collective impact of PTSD on the individual and family dynamic.  Anyone who has a loved one suffering from PTSD is welcome to attend.


Series topics include:

•        Symptoms of PTSD and influence on thoughts and behavior

•        Available treatment for PTSD and the myths/truths of exposure therapy

•        Healthy communication strategies and knowing when to seek professional help

•        Self-care and coping strategies for those caring for someone with PTSD


Anyone who has a loved one suffering from PTSD is welcome to attend. If you or any you know would benefit from this series, please contact Monica Friedman at 407-823-1196 to discuss enrollment details.



Additional Information:


View our Brochure for Military Personnel (Veterans and Active-Duty)

View our Brochure for First Responders and Medical Professionals

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